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Create a module that implements a NOR gate. A NOR gate is an OR gate with its output inverted. A NOR function needs two operators when written in Verilog.

An assign statement drives a wire (or "net", as it's more formally called) with a value. This value can be as complex a function as you want, as long as it's a combinational (i.e., memory-less, with no hidden state) function. An assign statement is a continuous assignment because the output is "recomputed" whenever any of its inputs change, forever, much like a simple logic gate.


Expected solution length: Around 1 line.

Module Declaration

module top_module( 
    input a, 
    input b, 
    output out );

Verilog has separate bitwise-OR (|) and logical-OR (||) operators, like C. Since we're working with a one-bit here, it doesn't matter which we choose.

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