Mt2015 lfsr

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Taken from 2015 midterm question 5. See also the first part of this question: mt2015_muxdff

Mt2015 muxdff.png

Write the Verilog code for this sequential circuit (Submodules are ok, but the top-level must be named top_module). Assume that you are going to implement the circuit on the DE1-SoC board. Connect the R inputs to the SW switches, connect Clock to KEY[0], and L to KEY[1]. Connect the Q outputs to the red lights LEDR.

Module Declaration

module top_module (
	input [2:0] SW,      // R
	input [1:0] KEY,     // L and clk
	output [2:0] LEDR);  // Q

This circuit is an example of a Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR). A maximum-period LFSR can be used to generate pseudorandom numbers, as it cycles through 2n-1 combinations before repeating. The all-zeros combination does not appear in this sequence.

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