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Ok, let's try building several logic gates at the same time. Build a combinational circuit with two inputs, a and b.

There are 7 outputs, each with a logic gate driving it:

  • out_and: a and b
  • out_or: a or b
  • out_xor: a xor b
  • out_nand: a nand b
  • out_nor: a nor b
  • out_xnor: a xnor b
  • out_anotb: a and-not b

Expected solution length: Around 7 lines.

Module Declaration

module top_module( 
    input a, b,
    output out_and,
    output out_or,
    output out_xor,
    output out_nand,
    output out_nor,
    output out_xnor,
    output out_anotb

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