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Synchronous HDLC framing involves decoding a continuous bit stream of data to look for bit patterns that indicate the beginning and end of frames (packets). Seeing exactly 6 consecutive 1s (i.e., 01111110) is a "flag" that indicate frame boundaries. To avoid the data stream from accidentally containing "flags", the sender inserts a zero after every 5 consecutive 1s which the receiver must detect and discard. We also need to signal an error if there are 7 or more consecutive 1s.

Create a finite state machine to recognize these three sequences:

  • 0111110: Signal a bit needs to be discarded (disc).
  • 01111110: Flag the beginning/end of a frame (flag).
  • 01111111...: Error (7 or more 1s) (err).

When the FSM is reset, it should be in a state that behaves as though the previous input were 0.

Here are some example sequences that illustrate the desired operation.

Discard 0111110:

Flag 01111110:

Reset behaviour and error 01111111...:

Implement this state machine.

Module Declaration

module top_module(
    input clk,
    input reset,    // Synchronous reset
    input in,
    output disc,
    output flag,
    output err);

Use a Moore state machine with around 10 states.
Fsm hdlc.png

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