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Build a circuit with no inputs and one output that outputs a constant 0

Now that you've worked through the previous problem, let's see if you can do a simple problem without the hints.

HDLBits uses Verilog-2001 ANSI-style port declaration syntax because it's easier to read and reduces typos. You may use the older Verilog-1995 syntax if you wish. For example, the two module declarations below are acceptable and equivalent:
module top_module ( zero );
    output zero;
    // Verilog-1995
module top_module ( output zero ); 

    // Verilog-2001

Expected solution length: Around 1 line.

Module Declaration

module top_module(
    output zero
// Module body starts after semicolon

Fun fact: For Quartus synthesis, not assigning a value to a signal usually results in 0. This problem is actually easier than the previous one.

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