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Build a 100-bit left/right rotator, with synchronous load and left/right enable. A rotator shifts-in the shifted-out bit from the other end of the register, unlike a shifter that discards the shifted-out bit and shifts in a zero. If enabled, a rotator rotates the bits around and does not modify/discard them.

  • load: Loads shift register with data[99:0] instead of rotating.
  • ena[1:0]: Chooses whether and which direction to rotate.
    • 2'b01 rotates right by one bit
    • 2'b10 rotates left by one bit
    • 2'b00 and 2'b11 do not rotate.
  • q: The contents of the rotator.

Module Declaration

module top_module(
    input clk,
    input load,
    input [1:0] ena,
    input [99:0] data,
    output reg [99:0] q); 

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