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See also: PS/2 packet parser.

Now that you have a state machine that will identify three-byte messages in a PS/2 byte stream, add a datapath that will also output the 24-bit (3 byte) message whenever a packet is received (out_bytes[23:16] is the first byte, out_bytes[15:8] is the second byte, etc.).

out_bytes needs to be valid whenever the done signal is asserted. You may output anything at other times (i.e., don't-care).

For example:

Module Declaration

module top_module(
    input clk,
    input [7:0] in,
    input reset,    // Synchronous reset
    output [23:0] out_bytes,
    output done); 

    // FSM from fsm_ps2

    // New: Datapath to store incoming bytes.

Use the FSM from PS/2 packet parser and add a datapath to capture the incoming bytes.

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