Exams/ece241 2014 q7a

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Design a 1-12 counter with the following inputs and outputs:

  • Reset Synchronous active-high reset that forces the counter to 1
  • Enable Set high for the counter to run
  • Clk Positive edge-triggered clock input
  • Q[3:0] The output of the counter
  • c_enable, c_load, c_d[3:0] Control signals going to the provided 4-bit counter, so correct operation can be verified.

You have the following components available:

  • the 4-bit binary counter (count4) below, which has Enable and synchronous parallel-load inputs (load has higher priority than enable). The count4 module is provided to you. Instantiate it in your circuit.
  • logic gates
module count4(
	input clk,
	input enable,
	input load,
	input [3:0] d,
	output reg [3:0] Q

The c_enable, c_load, and c_d outputs are the signals that go to the internal counter's enable, load, and d inputs, respectively. Their purpose is to allow these signals to be checked for correctness.

Module Declaration

module top_module (
    input clk,
    input reset,
    input enable,
    output [3:0] Q,
    output c_enable,
    output c_load,
    output [3:0] c_d

    count4 the_counter (clk, c_enable, c_load, c_d /*, ... */ );

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