Exams/2014 q4b

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Consider the n-bit shift register circuit shown below:

Exams 2014q4.png

Write a top-level Verilog module (named top_module) for the shift register, assuming that n = 4. Instantiate four copies of your MUXDFF subcircuit in your top-level module. Assume that you are going to implement the circuit on the DE2 board.

  • Connect the R inputs to the SW switches,
  • clk to KEY[0],
  • E to KEY[1],
  • L to KEY[2], and
  • w to KEY[3].
  • Connect the outputs to the red lights LEDR[3:0].

(Reuse your MUXDFF from exams/2014_q4a.)

Module Declaration

module top_module (
    input [3:0] SW,
    input [3:0] KEY,
    output [3:0] LEDR


module MUXDFF (...);

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